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Connected SRS - Smart sustainable urban development

The project aims to match real needs concerning governance for sustainable urban development with the City of Stockholm's strategy for a smart and connected city. The project will identify existing data sources and explore their accessibility and potential benefit to various actors, the city and its citizens.

Stockholm Royal Seaport (SRS) is today one of the city's designated areas with a sustainability profile, and it is included in the land development agreement to lead and coordinate the sustainability development as well as to follow up the sustainability targets and report these on a yearly basis as part of the target management process. The follow-up is currently largely analogously with calculated data, due to necessary data often being hidden or difficult to access. 

The project Connected SRS should make data accessible - starting with the Stockholm Royal Seaport - to better understand, follow up targets and for future management. Simultaneously the project applies a modular and open philosophy concerning a common IoT/data platform. The City of Stockholm has formulated a goal to be the "world's smartest city 2040'. Consequently, there is a clear need for a common platform for data management, whoch can be used by operators in the city - both internally and externally. Further, a general framework with common standards for platforms is needed, such that a heavily reduced number of platforms easily can exchange information. A central IoT-platform enables cooperation with commercial actors, research, and other administrations and municipal companies, but it is also connected to a number of organisational uncertainties which will be explored in the project.

The project will develop ways for citizens and operators to openly contribute as consumers and producers of data - creating potentials for democracy, citizen interaction, transparency and equality. The project is according to the City's Strategy for Stockholm as a smart and connected city and aids the city to also understand and define how the vision of Stockholm becoming the smartest city by 2040 will be achieved.


Project name

Connected SRS




Region Stockholm

RISE role in project

Process management. Platform development. Technical coordination with the City and technical suppliers. Counceling about IoT and common platforms. 2D- and 3D-visualization of the urban environment. Techno-economical analyses of IoT-services.

Project start


3,5 years

Total budget

24 050 000


Stockholms stad - Exploateringskontoret och Stadsledningskontoret, S:t Eriks Kommunikation, Urban ICT Arena, Sensative AB, Metry AB


The strategic innovation program IoT-Sweden

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Supports the UN sustainability goals

11. Sustainable cities and communities
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Maya Miltell


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