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Centre for Software-Defined optical networks

The Centre develops innovative prototypes and concepts that make use of software-defined control for improved flexibility, and wavelength multiplexing (WDM) for increased capacity.
The project provides a collaborative environment between industrial and academic actors, and contributes to developing the Swedish industrial digital infrastructure.

Aim and goal

The goal of the project is to develop innovative prototypes and concepts that use software-defined control to improve the network flexibility and wavelength multiplexing (WDM) to increase its capacity.


The main challenge of the project is to obtain research results with strong potential to give the partners a strong technical advantage in the market, and that at the same time can easily be used and integrated to their existing products.


The project supports the development of common prototypes and demonstrations, fostering collaboration between Academic and Industrial research. It contributes to the development of the industrial digital infrastructure and helps position Swedish products.


The project aims at increasing the competitiveness of the involved Swedish companies, thereby expanding Swedish R&D in the field of optical communications in terms of investments and employment.


Project name

Centre for optical SDN




Digital infrastructure


Region Stockholm

RISE role in project

Consortium member

Project start


30 months

Total budget



Transmode Systems AB (part of the Infinera group), Finisar AB, Telia Company AB


Vinnova, Sweden's innovation agency

The UN sustainable development goals

9. Industry, innovation and infrastructure

Project members

Anders Gavler

Contact person

Anders Gavler


+46 10 228 41 14

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