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Bicycle simulator for traffic research

We created a bicycle simulator for traffic research. We can use the simulator for situations that are difficult or dangerous to study in reality.

The simulator can be used, for example, to explore how cyclists experience new infrastructure, like being overtaken on a future multi-lane bicycle highway, or how cyclists would react on maneuvers of self-driving cars. Developers of cycling apps can do research on e.g. usability.

We used the simulator to study bicyclists distractions caused by electronic devices on the steering wheel, in the project "The Connected Cyclist" financed by Länsförsäkringar Forskningsfond.

Later the simulator was integrated in VICTA Lab. As a part of VICTA Lab the bicycle simulator was used in a VINNOVA FFI project "SEBRA - SEnsor for Bicycle’s impRoved Awareness", where RISE together with Aptiv and Liri AB formerly Unicycle (Nishiki) studied radar-based safety systems for bicycles.


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Alexey Voronov

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Alexey Voronov

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