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Interreg project Aerial Uptake
Photo: I2CAT

Aerial Uptake

AERIAL UPTAKE brings together local / regional public authorities and key players of the UAS sector from 6 European regions, being pioneers in the creation of a single European drone market. They exchange and transfer knowledge to unleash the potentials of UAS technology for civil and commercial usages.

Interreg project Aerial Uptake
Photo: Interreg
Interreg project Aerial Uptake aims to increase uptake of drone innovations within EU


Besides exploring and addressing the key needs and bottlenecks of innovation and commercialisation of UAS, partners investigate tailored solutions for increasing societal acceptance by enhancing and articulating positive social impacts of drone technology.

The project implementation will be organised along 3 THEMATIC FIELDS (TF) corresponding to the project sub-objectives:
1) TF INNO will focus on policy interventions, that facilitate experimentation, real-life testing and demonstration of novel UAS technologies;
2) TF MARKET will work on the sub-topic of market uptake, incl. collaboration, networking and clustering among relevant actors;
3) TF SOCIAL IMPACT will focus on overcoming ethical, legal and social concerns and raising public demand for new UAS solutions.


Project name

Aerial Uptake




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Total budget

1,37 M ERDF



Project members

Rasmus Lundqvist

Contact person

Rasmus Lundqvist

Research Engineer

+46 10 228 44 53

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