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Failure investigation

RISE offers the expertise to perform as well as being a support in the failure investigation work to find what actualy are causing the problem. Despite devoted development work, there will always be a risk that failures will occur. In cases where problems arise we can, with our unique breadth of expertise, be a confident partner in the work towards finding the right measures.

Without experience and good methods, it is easy for the failure investigation work to adress symptoms rather than to identify the source of the problem. It is neither cheap nor resource-efficient, partly for the investigation work itself and partly for the actions that are made will add cost to a process or product without solving the actual problem. RISE can help you.

A large part of our business is about securing the function of products and avoiding damages when used. Experience from this work, both from testing and developing test environments, means that we know where it is most likely to focus the investigation work and can thereby effectively minimize the time and efforts to find the problem.

Once a problem has been identified, we can use more quantitative methods to assess whether the problem only affected the individual product, whether it was a design defect that caused damage or that it was the use that was too harsh. Based on this, an determination of relevant actions can be made.

We are often hired by insurance companies and in legal processes as an independent party to determine what it is that has failed.

We can with our expertise also help you in the development phase to make an determination of probable weaknesses in a given design and of the risks in use.

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We offer failure investigation with support from experts from e.g. the following areas:

-Solid Mechanics and Fatigue.

-Fracture Mechanics.

-Load analysis.


-Environmental Durability.



-Et al.

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