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ProNano is a unique pilot infrastructure for the industrialisation of nanotechnology-based material, processes and components.

ProNanos goal is to support Swedish industry with industrialisation of the results of research in nanotechnology.

ProNano is an Open Innovation Environment for applied research and pilot scale manufacturing of nanotechnology.  Swedish industry is provided with infrastructure, equipment and technical expertise for the production, processing and characterization of material on the nano and micro scale.

New material that is created on the nanoscale has special electrical, optical and mechanical properties that lead to new applications.  For example, tiny III-V material based nanowires can be used as light emitting elements in next generation LEDs.  Or as light absorbing elements for non-visual wavelengths in solar cells or light detectors.  Or as nanostructures that are sensitive enough to detect single molecules, bacteria or viruses.

ProNano offers advanced equipment and expertise to create and characterize new materials and components.  For example Metal Organic Chemical Vapor Deposition (MOCVD) to create nanostructures on the atomic scale.  And advanced Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) to characterize the created structures.  All within an industrial environment built with the goal of characterizing and improving processes to pave the way for high volume manufacturing.

ProNano, together with RISE Test and Demo facility for semiconductor technology in Kista (Electrum, provides the next step for nano research that often is performed within the Swedish semiconductor research infrastructure, MyFab

The ProNano facility is built in a modular way with operations managed by RISE in symbiosis with other nanotek companies that have established themselves within the ProNano infrastructure.  The vision is that the ProNano facility is a meeting point for industry to create innovation within nanotechnology.

ProNano has been established by RISE in close cooperation with Lund University and Region Skåne with the goal to become an important part of the regions world-leading ecosystem for advanced material and nantechnology.


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