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Choice for polymeric materials in corrosive environments

Choosing the right material for the right application is very important to achieve the desired properties and the requested lifetime of the product.


We have unique expertise and experience in material selection within process industry and water and wastewater, therefore we are the obvious choice for those who need help with polymer materials in corrosive environments. Choosing the right material for the application gives the best probability for a long service life.

Today, sustainability and environmental impact are important aspects, and by choosing the right materials, the lifespan of a product can be extended considerably and this contributes to saving the environmental resources.


Depending on which application the material is to be used for, the method for producing the right material may vary. The main methods we use are based on experience, experiments and literature studies.


Depending on the customer's request, a report or other documentation is delivered on which material is best to choose for the specific application.


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Help with choice of polymeric materials for example for chemical industry, process industry and water and wastewater.

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Pulp and paper, Material transition, Risk and safety, Water, Energy, Packaging, Infrastructure, Chemical processes and products, Climate adaptation


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