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Validation and demonstration of forest-based bio jet fuels, step 1

The project aims to de-risk an investment in a first commercial biojet fuel production facility and will prepare a demonstration of the entire value chain from forest to aircraft. This pre-project provides planning and costs for Fischer Tropsch-based manufacturing on a pilot scale and use in commercial flights.

This project is the first step in a multi stage project with the aim of producing bio jet fuel for fossil-free aviation during 2-3 years based on Swedish forest residues - and test aviation fuel with commercial aircraft in Sweden. This feasibility study, which runs until December 2019, entails, among other things, engineering work and technical investigation of manufacturing technology for a possible demonstration project at the biofuels pilot LTU Green Fuels in Piteå.

In addition, the project will investigate the bio jet fuel distribution chain to Swedish airports, carry out field testing in aircraft and investigate what a business plan would look like to support a commercial implantation of demonstrated production technology.

The gasification-based production technology studied in the project is one of the technologies with the greatest potential to contribute to local production of biofuel in Sweden in the short and medium term. The project aims to quickly create a basis for commercial production by reducing risks for investors through a demonstration of the entire value chain, from forest to wing.

The project participant organizations  span the entire value chain, including th eairlines SAS and BRA, Dutch SkyNRG, German Ineratec and Arvos Schmidtschke Schack, Smurfit Kappa Piteå, Sveaskog, Fly Green Fund, Svebio and Luleå University of Technology. RISE contributes with technical work on the reconstruction of the existing biofuel pilot in Piteå, techno-economic analysis of the concept and work on supporting commercial implementation of the concept.


Project name

Forest-based bio jet fuel demonstration




Region Norrbotten

RISE role in project

Processdesign samt tekno-ekonomisk bedömning

Project start


22 months

Total budget

4600 kSEK


Luleå Tekniska Universitet, INERATEC GmbH, SkyNRG B.V., BRA Sverige AB, SAS AB, Fly Green Fund, ARVOS GmbH, Smurfit Kappa, Sveaskog, Svenska Bioenergiföreningen



Project members

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Supports the UN sustainability goals

13. Climate action
Erik Furusjö

Contact person

Erik Furusjö


+46 10 228 45 67

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