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How can the number of fatalities and injuries in residential fires be reduced?

About 90 people dies in residential fires in Sweden every year. The number of fatalities has hardly decreased the last decades despite measures such as increased use of home fire alarms. Why is it so? What can be done to reduce the number of fatalities and severe injuries?

Syfte och mål

Suggestions for risk reducing measures are developed based on an analysis of residential fires physical determining factors.


Despite measures such as increased use of home fire alarms has the number of fatalities in residential fires in Sweden only decreased to a limited degree. Why is it so?


There is no universal solution available. The suggested measures are both adapted to different vulnerable groups, but also general measures can be introduced such as further increased use of home fire alarms, stove top protection systems, residential sprinklers and fire safety requirements on furnishings, consumer products and cigarettes. It is factors close to the person that are essential in the prevention of fatalities. The fire compartmentation fulfils its purpose, those who die are in the starting fire compartment or starting room or even in the start object – it is here the measures are needed.


Reduced number of fatalities and severe injuries in residential fires.


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