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Digital Innovation Network

DIGINNO aims to advance the digital economy and speed up the process of moving towards a digital market for the entire Baltic Sea region.

The project aims to increase the capacity of decision makers, industry associations and industrial SMEs to enable faster and more efficient introduction of digital solutions.

The focus is particularly on promoting the introduction of information and communication technologies in the business world, developing innovative and public digital services and facilitating the political discussions between the countries of the Baltic Sea region.

Leading partner - Estonian Finance and Communications Department

14 full partners (EE 3, FIN 1, POL 1, LV 2, LT 4, SE 1, DK 2) and 7 associated partners (GE 2, FIN 2, SE 2, NOR 1) from eight BSR countries. A mix of public-private: national authorities, ICT industry and universities.

Ola Wallberg

Contact person

Ola Wallberg


+46 10 228 41 93

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