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Digital Infrastructure enabling accurate Positioning for Autonomous Aystems (DINPAS)
Photo: Stefan Nord

Digital Infrastructure for accurate Positioning of Autonomous Systems

The purpose is to meet the requirements for precise and reliable positioning for the autonomous airport with scalability for a large number of mobile devices, to benefit the next generation of industrial digital solutions.

Flexible and scalable airports with optimized and seamless flows of goods, data and passengers, with highly secured and robust airport areas, drone surveillance and safe travelling are anticipated to need autonomy, and central parts are precise and reliable positioning and maintained connectivity through the digital infrastructure the project will develop.

Developed systems and technologies will enable cm-level positioning for automated systems on a large scale. The results will also be able to be fed back to 3GPP standardization through Ericsson if needed. The project will be disseminated with demonstrations, both at Drone Center Sweden in Västervik in cooperation with PNK4UTM and WARA-PS and at AstaZero. Both telecom industry and Lantmäteriet will apply their knowledge in order to fulfill the needs from automotive industry verticals. The analysis of the 3D mobile network coverage to enable precise GNSS will be used by the CORUS project.

The project will be executed through several development steps where GNSS SSR correction data generation, distribution system and clients will be developed based on requirements for positioning in automated airport and UTM use cases. The project will:

  1. Define require ments for positioning in automated airport and UTM use cases
  2. Design and implement the GNSS SSR correction data generation, distribution system and clients
  3. Test, validate and demonstrate the GNSS correction data distribution system with integrated GNSS positioning and navigation systems in mobile platforms


Project name




RISE role in project


Project start


24 months

Total budget

15,7 MSEK


AstaZero, Combitech, Ericsson, IBG, Katla Aero, Lantmäteriet, Telia, u-blox


Advanced and innovative digitalization - spring 2021