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Microwave and Infrared Processing Technology of Foods and Biomaterials

Technology at the internationally leading edge, including tubular microwave processing (e.g. pasteurisation and sterilisation), combined microwave processing technologies, e.g. microwave baking, microwave-assisted drying, volume expansion and baking, microwave tempering and microwave-assisted freezing.

The test beds include facilities for lab-scale and pilot-scale process design and evaluation of microwave and infrared processing technologies, as well as combination processes, including different types of processing equipment, methodologies for evaluation and process intensification. It offers deep expertise in process design, development, evaluation and validation of alternative heating technologies, as well as feasibility studies as a techno-economical basis for decisions, e.g. before implementation and up-scaling of alternative technologies.


Testbed - microwave processing – alternative technology for heat treatment, developed for several types of applications, including e.g. microwave pasteurisation, sterilisation, baking, tempering, defrosting, blanching as well as combined technologies for e.g. drying, baking, as well as measurement technology for dielectric and thermo-physical properties. 

Testbed - infrared processing – alternative technology for heat treatment, including e.g. surface pasteurisation, baking/drying of thinner products, roasting, colouring, low fat frying/alternatives to frying.


Testbed name

Microwave and Infrared processing technology



Testbed category

Isolated testbeds (IT)


Food and agriculture




Västra Götaland Region


Frans Perssons väg 6, Gothenburg

Birgitta Raaholt

Birgitta Raaholt

Senior Forskare

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