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Hardness measurement of polymers and rubbers

Hardness measurement can provide information about the hardness of the material, how the hardness has changed with time and the exposure environment. Hardness measurement can be used as a tool for quality control. By comparing the hardness of a material that has been in operation and an unexposed material, a perception can be formed if the polymer and/or rubber material has retained its properties during exposure.


Hardness measurement gives the specific hardness of the material tested. 

By comparing the hardness of a reference material and material that has, for example, been aged or exposed to a particular environment, the investigation may say whether the hardness of the material has been affected by the specific exposure and whether its performance and life expectancy has deteriorated.


The type of hardness measured depends on the type of measuring head used. Today a shore AM measuring head is mainly used but the possibility to equip the hardness meter with other measuring heads is possible, such as IRHD or Shore A/D.


After completion of the hardness measurement, the customer receives a result report if desired.


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Hardness measurement of polymers and rubbers

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