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Fire test according to EN ISO 1182

EN ISO 1182 - Reaction to fire tests for Products - Non-combustibility test


The fire test has been developed for constrution Products wich, whilst not completely inert, produce only a very limited amount of heat and flame when exposed to temperatures of 750º C approximately. The main purpose of the test is to classify a product A1 or A2 according to the European classification system.

To be able to sell a construction product in Europe, the product must be tested, classified and if possible, CE-marked in accordance with the Construction Product Regulation. To meet the technical fire requirements, there are common test methods and a common classification system, EN 13501-1, also called Euroclass. This classification system is used by all EU countries, including Norway and Iceland. In Sweden the Building Regulations, BBR, use the Euroclass system.


A test specimen is located inside a cylindrical furnace tube at 750 °C. The furnace and specimen temperatures are measured continuously during the test. Potential combustion of the test specimen is registered as temperature rise and/or visible flames. Mass loss of the test specimen is calculated after the test. These parameters are used to decide if the product is non-combustible or not.


A test report, in Swedish or English, is deliverd with the test results after testing.

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Fire test according to EN ISO 1182


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Similar test methods: IMO 2010 FTP Code Part 1


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Material consumption during test:

Complete test

  • 12 test specimens, cylindrical with the diameter 45 mm and height 50 mm.

Indicative test

  • 2 test specimens, cylindrical with the diameter 45 mm and height 50 mm

If the thickness of the product is thinner than 50 mm sufficient number of horizontal layers of the material shall be used to adjust the thickness to 50 mm.

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