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Chemical characterisation of the element composition

Identification of elements that are present in different types of samples, and determination of approximate concentrations are often of great interest in many fields. Examples include identification of problems, solution of problems, damage investigations, screening of products, process and product Control, and identification of materials.


This type of chemical characterisation is performed with the purpose of receiving a fast and efficient survey of the element composition of a sample, i.e. to identify what elements that are present and to estimate their concentrations.

In many cases the sample composition is totally unknown, and there is almost no information about the samples.


The choice of analytical techniques is based on the client issue and the sample type.

Typically, X-ray fluorescence (XRF) is used in combination with some other chemical analysis techniques that will give an almost complete survey of the element composition. XRF generates results fast and efficiently, and can be used for totally unknown samples.

In addition to identification of the elements that are present, estimation of concentrations of the elements will also be possible (so called semi-quantitative evaluation).


Results will be delivered as a report.


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Chemical characterisation – Survey analysis of the element composition

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