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The National Laboratory for Pressure and Vacuum

RISE is Sweden's NMI (National Metrology Institute) and is, according to the Swedish constitution, responsible for the central measurement quantities in the International System of Units, SI.

The national measurement laboratory for pressure and vacuum is the highest instance in Sweden for the SI unit Pascal (Pa). The assignment of the laboratory involves, among other things, providing traceable calibrations and measurements of pressure between 5·10-6 Pa till 5·108 Pa, gauge, differential and absolute pressure.

Measuring and generating traceable pressure over 14 decades requires that the equipment used is both calibrated and carefully evaluated. This means that our experts have the tools required to deliver knowledge and traceability to the Swedish and international business community and partners.

The National laboratory participates in a number of research and development projects in Europe and Sweden. The work enables the development of the laboratory competence and the projects we participate in are within the focus areas that have been selected. 

Dynamic measurements have long been a research area in focus. The aim of the research is to quantify the dynamic properties of measurement systems that the static measurement technique cannot describe.

Since 2018, there is also an ongoin project based on measuring pressure optically by measuring changes in the refractive index of the pressure media. This can be done with very good precision and repeatability. The goal is to contribute to the development of new references for pressure measurements and the field is also in line with the new definitions in SI.

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Tryckvågen - användning, teori och praktik

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28 sep 2021, 09:00 - 16:30


Kursen vakuumteknik riktar sig till dig som i ditt arbete har behov av att förstå de grundläggande egenskaperna hos vakuum och hur olika typer av vakuumkopplingar, vakuumpumpar och vakuumgivare fungerar och används.

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