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Next Generation Internet

In synergy with the European H2020 NGI initiative, Vinnova and RISE/RISE SICS is carrying out a national initiative with the aim of broadly identifying Swedish NGI interests and demands matching prioritized topics of current H2020 NGI calls.

Check out the recorded webcast of the first NGI information workshop held at Vinnova on October 3, 2018: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DNZuVXmrs1o

Swedish NGI initiatives and interests

The Next Generation Internet (NGI) is the European initiative launched to identify the future Internet technologies, designed to serve the needs of the digitalized society while ensuring privacy, trust, decentralization, openness, inclusion, and business cooperation. The NGI will be built on addressing technical challenges across all levels (top-down and bottom-up) of Internet usage (user, application, management, infrastructure) to support a free, open and interoperable Internet, developed and used at its full potential at all levels of technology, business and society.

Building a broad NGI engagement - horizontally and vertically

The aim is to engage potential national applicants matching the European H2020 NGI calls. In particular, we are looking to get in touch with incubator organizations, innovative SMEs, start-up companies and research organizations that are strong contributors to the digital transformation and that could benefit from NGI funding in national and European collaborations.

Why to engage

The European H2020 NGI initiative offers Swedish companies and research organizations a great opportunity to make a difference in developing solutions for a challenging, but fundamental, path of development for the future digitalized society. Getting in touch with us and flagging your NGI interest is a step towards national and international research and business collaborations. 

Who we are looking for

We are happy to get in touch with private and public organizations (e.g. incubator organizations, startup companies, SMEs, research organizations) addressing digitalization challenges related to the future Internet and NGI. We aim to establish contact with businesses and organizations (i.e. private and public) matching research and innovation topics relevant for NGI currently outlined in H2020-ICT-24 "Next Generation Internet - An Open Internet Initiative" call (opening October 16, 2018)

  • "Strengthening internet trustworthiness with electronic identities: addressing critical challenges related to increasing trust in the internet such as authentication, authorisation, traceability, privacy and confidentiality in personal and non-personal interactions."
  • "Service and data portability: this topic will address the challenge of personal data portability on the internet as foreseen under the GDPR and the data porting and service provider switching as foreseen in the proposed free flow of non-personal data regulation."
  • "Open Internet architecture renovation: supporting communities of developers in ensuring Internet architecture evolution towards better efficiency, scalability, security and resilience."

The financing model is based on cascade funding, meaning that projects are implemented through sub-granting of third-party actors by applying intermediary organizations capable of coordinating, pursuing and attracting players with the right skills.

Note that the above topics are prioritized for the ICT-24 call opening in October 2018 (closing in March 2019). Please see the official call text for detailed information.

We are looking for getting in contact with both SMEs/startups, research organizations as well as larger organizations (public/private) that can apply and coordinate funded efforts.

Who to contact

For questions and indication of interest, you are most welcome to contact the Swedish national NGI contact point Rebecca Steinert at RISE.

We also have established communication channels with:

Finally, the importance of being visible can never be overestimated! A first good step to flag interest for future NGI collaboration and to be found is to add your organization to the NGI Community Map at NGI.EU.

NGI information workshop (also webcast) on Oct 3, 2018, 10:00-12:00 (CEST)

In this workshop held at Vinnova we will inform about the NGI vision and application practicalities for the opening call H2020-ICT-24. First half of the workshop will also be webcast.

Time: October 3, 2018, 10-12 (CEST).

The first half will be webcast at www.youtube.com/vinnovase (no registration needed)

Registration (on-site participation): 


Location: Vinnova, Room Nobel, Master Samuelsgatan 56, floor 4, Stockholm


10:00 Introduction, Future Internet Forum och NGI, Peter Nõu, Vinnova

          Horizon 2020 and Cascade funding, Johan Lindberg, Vinnova

          NGI call H2020-ICT-24, Rebecca Steinert, RISE

11:00 End of webcast - coffee break and mingle

11:15 Plenary discussion, Q&A

12:00 End of meeting.

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Next Generation Internet (NGI)




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