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Modelling, Simulation and Optimization

Dynamic and stochastic environments, statistical learning, strategic and real-time decision-making

Our expertise in model building, simulation, and optimization supports in developing customized solutions for domain specific applications, including industrial production, processes, and product properties. We leverage mathematical programming, statistical learning, and simulation to aid in strategic, tactical, and real-time decision making in dynamic and stochastic environments. In addition, we help our customers identify and understand what is feasible and what is not.

The key to our approach is continuous interaction with the customer to ensure thorough understanding of the needs, proper framing of the problems, and producing the desired developments in the solutions. Our work exploits cutting-edge methods and tools for modelling, simulation, and optimization, including AI/machine learning methods and grey-box modelling. When needed, a digital twin of the product or process can be developed to enable testing/simulation or use during operation to optimize the solution.

Benefits from our approach:

  • Domain specific solutions: Our solutions exploit both broad and deep scientific and engineering knowledge to guarantee the development of robust and powerful domain specific solutions. In addition, we provide thorough evaluation of our solutions as well as complete comparison to alternatives.
  • Configurable open-source solutions: We deliver flexible and configurable open-source solutions suiting the specific customer’s needs. Such open-source solutions can be employed to prevent vendor lock-in for our customers and expensive commercial tool licensing.
  • Sustainability and cost reduction: Our solutions have optimized performance according to the specified criteria and constraints. That is, we can reduce resource expenditure or provide highest utility from available resources. For testing, we can support in the simulations of dynamic environments instead of using real components, which can significantly simplify the customer’s testing overhead.
  • Innovative solutions: The various competences and scientific backgrounds of our experts at RISE and the unique cross-disciplinary collaborations facilitate innovative solutions for our customers.

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Johan Sandstedt

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Stig Larsson


Stig Larsson

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