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Opening Ceremony SEEL Nykvarn - Speakers

Speakers Nykvarn

Henrik Svenningstorp, CEO SEEL

17 years of experience in technology development and electromobility in various leading positions within the automotive industry. Since 2017 I have been responsible for SEEL, first in a project capacity and now as its CEO.

Pia Sandvik, CEO RISE

Former CEO at Länsförsäkringar Jämtland, President at Luleå University of Technology. MSc in Mechanical Engineering from Linköping University, PhD and associate professor in Quality Control Technology. 

Andreas Carlson, Minister for Infrastructure and Housing

Andreas Carlson is Sweden's Minister of Infrastructure and Housing since 2022.

He was a member of the Swedish Riksdag from 2010–2022 and was the group leader of the Christian Democrats in the Swedish Riksdag from 16 June 2015 to 26 September 2022 and the party's legal policy spokesperson.

Anna Kinberg BatraStockholm County Governor

Has a degree in Economics. Was during the years 2001–2002 and 2006–2018 member of parliament. Between 2015 and 2017, she was party leader for Moderaterna. Since 2018, she has held several board assignments. Governor since March 2023.

Anders Palmqvist, Chalmers’ Vice President of Research and Chalmers’ Areas of Advance

Anders Palmqvist has a PhD in Inorganic chemistry and is a Professor of Materials Chemistry at the Division for Applied Chemistry.

Karolina Boholm, Director of Public Affairs, Volvo Group


Annika Ahlberg Tidblad, Technical Expert Battery Management Systems Volvo Cars

Claes Erixon, Head of Modular Solutions, Scania Group

Joined Scania in 1994 after obtaining a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. Since 1998, he has held various managerial positions within Research and Development and Production and Logistics in Sweden as well as in Brazil.

Ulrika Toftevik, Acting CEO CEVT and CFO

Ulrika Toftevik, experienced in finance and international trade, joined CEVT in 2021 as Senior Vice President & CFO, driving the company's financial success. With a robust background in senior management and a specialization in the automotive sector, Ulrika's experience spans over 20 years at Volvo Group. Her passion for CEVT's automotive expertise and commitment to innovative product solutions led her to oversee Corporate digital development and operations. Today, Ulrika Toftevik holds the position of acting CEO, embodying CEVT's vision for positive global impact through innovation.