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Ignacio De San Pio


Tel +46 76 876 73 46

E-post ignacio.desanpio@ri.se

Ort Stockholm

Enhet Papperstillverkningsprocesser (401103)

ORCID 0000-0002-0740-0328

Ignacio developed fundamental understanding of paper chemistry as it relates to recycled paper production gained from PhD and Post-Doctoral research at Complutense University of Madrid together with Holmen Paper Madrid.
He held senior engineering positions at Holmen Paper Madrid, URSA Insulation and Holmen Paper AB aimed at long term improvements in process and product related issues delivering cost and process benefits.
He joined RISE Innventia AB as Senior Research Manager in 2015 to develop novel strategies to improve recycled fibre strength and sheet performance to deliver cost savings in fibre, water, chemicals and energy.
In parallel, he has worked in developing a strategy towards reducing the water consumption in industry while saving costs by optimizing process water management.
Currently he is leading a knowledge platform on Industrial Water Management with the objective of combining the different competences at RISE level and finding the right partnerships with industry,