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Master's Thesis: Process Simulation of Additive Manufacturing for Polymers

We are excited to announce a unique master’s thesis opportunity for students enrolled in the Mechanical Engineering program who possess a strong background in finite element (FE) simulation using Abaqus, expertise in material modeling, and proficiency in Python scripting. This research project delves into the cutting-edge field of Additive Manufacturing (AM) for polymeric materials and aims to explore the intricacies of process simulation to enhance the understanding and optimization of AM techniques.

Additive Manufacturing, often referred to as 3D printing, has revolutionized traditional manufacturing processes by enabling the creation of complex and customized components with unprecedented design flexibility. However, the inherent complexity of AM processes poses challenges related to understanding thermal behavior, material interaction, and residual stress development. To address these challenges, process simulation using FE methods combined with accurate material modeling has emerged as a powerful tool to predict and control the outcome of AM processes.

This project is part of a national project, SuRF-LSAM, which is funded by Vinnova/Produktion2030.

Thesis Objective:
The primary goal of this master’s thesis is to develop a comprehensive process simulation framework for additive manufacturing using the Abaqus software package. The selected candidate will be expected to utilize their expertise in FE simulation, material modeling, and Python scripting to:

  • Modeling: Develop accurate material models that capture the behavior of the materials used in the AM process, considering factors such as thermal behavior, mechanical properties, and phase transformations.
  • Process Simulation: Utilize Abaqus to simulate the additive manufacturing process, considering factors such as heat transfer, thermal distortion, and residual stress formation. The candidate will be required to develop and implement simulation strategies that align with real-world AM techniques.
  • Validation: Validate the simulation results through comparison with experimental data, ensuring the accuracy and reliability of the developed simulation framework.
  • Optimization: Investigate different process parameters and their influence on the final product's quality, aiming to identify optimal conditions for AM processes.

Applicants for this master’s thesis opportunity should meet the following criteria:

  • Enrolled in a Mechanical Engineering program or similar in master level.
  • Proficiency in finite element simulation using Abaqus software.
  • Strong understanding of material modeling and its application in simulation.
  • Experience in Abaqus Python scripting.
  • Motivated, self-driven, and capable of working both independently and collaboratively.
  • Strong problem-solving skills and an analytical mindset.

Start Date and Location:
The master’s thesis project is scheduled to begin in January 2024. The placement for this opportunity will be at RISE Research Institutes of Sweden in Mölndal, providing a dynamic and collaborative environment for research and innovation.

The selected candidate will have the opportunity to work at the forefront of additive manufacturing research, contributing to the development of advanced simulation techniques that have real-world applications in industry. This thesis project will offer valuable experience in simulation, material science, and programming, enhancing the candidate's skill set and future career prospects in the field of mechanical engineering. The selected candidate will receive a fixed payment of 30,000 SEK upon the successful completion of the project.

If this sounds interesting and you match the requirements, please don't hesitate to submit your application. Shortlisted candidates will be contacted for an interview to further discuss the project's details and expectations.s

Join us in pushing the boundaries of additive manufacturing through cutting-edge simulation techniques. This master’s thesis opportunity offers a platform for innovation and growth in the dynamic field of mechanical engineering.

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