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Master Thesis: Visualization of printing dynamics

The goal of this project is to extend the knowledge of the flexographic printing process through scientific visualization. A printing nip is the contact zone between two rotational cylinders in a printing press. Text and graphic are printed on a substrate by transferring inks onto its surface with the help of mechanical compression in the nip, and the interactions between the print form, the ink, and the substrate.

The focus will be creations of interface and tool that enable to visualize what is happening in the printing nip, e.g. compressive deformation and recovering processes of the materials, e.g. paperboard and print form (rubber blanket or polymer plate) and the corresponding pressure profile inside the nip.

Problem description
Flexography is a printing technique commonly used in printing on packaging and corrugated boards. Detailed knowledge of the printing process inside the nip or nip dynamics (deformation and pressure) has so far been missing due to its complexity and highly dynamic nature as the process duration is in a couple of milliseconds only. Hence, experimental study has been very difficult and challenging. Apart from qualitative knowledge accumulated, there are a lot of unknowns about what is happening inside the nip.

This project is part of our efforts aiming to turn the nip dynamics from a “black box” to a transparent process.

Student profile
We are looking for a master’s student within the areas of Media Technology and/or Computer Engineering (Datateknik), who is familiar with interactive media. Good knowledge of Physics or Mechanics is a merit.

This project is expected to start in the beginning of 2021 based on mutual agreement. You may work either in Stockholm or in distance upon mutual agreements.

Welcome with your application!
The Packaging Materials and Packaging Performance units encompasses optical methods, printing and mechanical testing and simulation with an overarching aim to improve fibre packages from both environmental and durable points of view.

Interested? Send in your application (CV and motivation letter) no later than 2020-12-06.

To know more about the project, please contact following: Li Yang, +46 10 228 45 28 or Cecilia Rydefalk, +46 10 228 44 66.

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Li Yang
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