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Master Thesis: The future potential of wood-based graphene – a foresight study

RISE develops novel biobased materials and is now looking into a wood-derived graphene manufactured in a laser-induced process.  The wood-derived graphene has a potential to substitute its fossil-based precursor and RISE has previously demonstrated that it is technically possible to manufacture the material.

Since the wood-derived graphene is still in the development stage, a foresight analysis is needed in order to envision the possible future outcomes for the material and its applications. Projecting of trends and uncertainties onto the future may evolve the material development in different directions.

Research topics
This master thesis will develop and investigate several future scenarios based on known future trends and uncertainties as well as analyse the outcome of wood-derived graphene in the developed future scenarios.

Project activities                       

  • Mapping the fossil-based and biobased LIG graphene value chains
  • Business intelligence analysis of the fossil-based and wood-derived laser-induced graphene
  • Future scenario analysis:
    • Definition of scenario interventions for formation of scenarios based on future trends and uncertainties
    • Positioning biobased LIG graphene in different future scenarios
    • Identification of potential strengths and weaknesses of the wood-derived graphene
    • A series of workshops and interviews with relevant value chain stakeholders for input to future scenario formation and biobased LIG graphene positioning in different future scenarios
  • Report writing and presentation

Your Profile
The student should preferably have a background in industrial economy, industrial ecology, economics or similar.

Location and start date
We are located at Drottning Kristinas väg 61 in Stockholm. The master thesis work starts in January 2024.

Supervisory team at RISE
Main supervisor: Tatjana Karpenja, +46 76 876 7026
Co-supervisors: Hjalmar Granberg, +46 76 786 7041

Welcome with your application!
If this sounds interesting and you match the requirements please send in your application as soon as possible, by December 21st, 2023 at the latest. Applications should include (1) a brief personal letter, (2) a CV, and (3) a recent grade transcript. Suitable applicants will be interviewed as applications are received. To know more, please contact Tatjana Karpenja, +46 76 876 7026 or Hjalmar Granberg, +46 76 786 7041.

Master Thesis, RISE, Stockholm, foresight, future scenarios, biobased, graphene

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