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Master thesis; Structure/morphology investigation of Laser-induced graphene

About RISE
RISE is the Swedish Research Institute and innovation partner. In international collaboration with industry, academia and the public sector, we ensure the competitiveness of the business community and contribute to a sustainable society. Our 2,700 employees support and promote all manner of innovative processes. RISE is an independent, state-owned research institute that offers unique expertise and about 100 testbeds and demonstration facilities, instrumental in future-proofing technologies, products and services. www.ri.se. This Master Thesis project is a collaboration between divisions RISE Bioeconomy and Health and RISE Digital Systems.

Laser-induced Graphene (LIG) from wood-based materials have been a key technique developed in the Vinnova competence center Digital Cellulose Center (digitalcellulosecenter.com) and has attracted industrial partners’ attention with successful application cases in flexible electronics, and sensors. LIG may be a cost-effective method to convert biobased materials to graphitic materials, with high graphene content. To further harness the potential of LIG for mass-scale applications, understanding the fundamental interaction between laser and material is crucial. Previously, RISE studied the preparation and application of LIG from lignocellulosic materials and characterized its structure and electrical conductivity. RISE has extensive in-house equipment for advanced Raman spectromicroscopy, GISAXS equipment to study carbon chemical structure, structural properties (degree of disorder, defect level, electron mobility, etc) and morphological measurement. This information could be directly used as feedback to improve the LIG preparation in other projects and make an impact in final applications.

Research topics
In this project, advanced surface characterization methods of Raman spectromicroscopy and Grazing incidence Small angle X-ray scattering (GISAXS) techniques will be combined to investigate the LIG prepared under different conditions. The aim is to gain fundamental insights into the laser – biobased materials interaction in aspects of the chemical structures and nanoscale morphologies of LIG materials. The project will consist of hands-on characterization work in home lab, as well as possibly at synchrotron radiation facilities, and data analysis in hyperdimensional data. A master thesis will be finalized based on the experimental results by addressing the following research questions:

  • What are the preparation parameters' impacts on the structure, in terms of laser power, scanning speed, focusing depth?
  • What is the spatial distribution of the obtained carbon structures, especially close to the patterns' edge​?
  • Structural properties of the LIG and confirmation of formed graphene and quality​?
  • Defect level and electron mobility evaluation according to standards​?

Plan för projektet/arbetet (innehåll)

  • Literature survey
  • Fundamental study of the characterization methods
  • Experimental design and communication with LIG fabrication researchers
  • Raman spectromicroscopy characterization
  • GISAXS characterization
  • Explore the possibility of using Conductive AFM (Atomic Force Microscopy) /KPM (Kelvin Probe Microscopy).
  • Data analysis and thesis writing
  • Presentation

Student Profile
College student in the final year study with a major in physics, chemistry, and material science. Knowledge of programming is seen as an asset.

Location and start date
RISE Bioeconomy and Health is located at Drottning Kristinas Väg 61, Stockholm. Master thesis starts in January 2024.

Supervisory team at RISE
Main supervisor: Dr. Shun Yu, +46 76 876 7329, shun.yu@ri.se
Co-supervisors: Dr. Illia Dobryden, +46 76 864 00 98

Applications should include (1) a brief personal letter, (2) a CV, and (3) a recent grade transcript. Candidates are encouraged to send in their application as soon as possible, but at the latest by 21 December, 2023. Suitable applicants will be interviewed as applications are received.

Key words: Biobased materials, graphene, material characterization


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