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Master thesis; Optimization of lignin precursor for laser application

Project title
Optimization of lignin precursor for laser-induced graphitization and coating application

About RISE
RISE is the Swedish Research Institute and innovation partner. In international collaboration with industry, academia, and the public sector, we ensure the competitiveness of the business community and contribute to a sustainable society. Our 2,700 employees support and promote all manner of innovative processes. RISE is an independent, state-owned research institute that offers unique expertise and about 100 testbeds and demonstration facilities, instrumental in future-proofing technologies, products and services. www.ri.se. This Master Thesis project is a collaboration between RISE Bioeconomy, RISE ICT, and RISE Materials and Production. 

RISE Bioeconomy, with its infrastructure and leadership position as a global research institute in the field of biobased materials, is well prepared to continue to push the conversion of an important part of the forest industry into sustainable material production. Research on biomass-derived polymers and valorization of these materials are necessary steps in reaching a sustainable, resource-efficient forest industry with global products in a biobased world economy.

This project is along with efforts on transitions from fossil-derived materials to sustainable biomass-derived materials. This will help the Swedish pulp and paper industry to create new value-added materials from their side stream. The focus of this project is to optimize lignin precursors for application in sensors and coatings. The optimized precursor will have a increased performance during laser-induced graphitization, for producing sensors, or in coating applications as a barrier.

Project research topics

  • Optimization of lignin for laser-induced graphitization through heat treatments and removing volatiles
  • Produce lignins with different thermal properties through solvent extraction
  • Producing lignin nano/micro spherical particles with uniform morphology for coating applications as a barrier
  • Study the impact of lignins with different morphology and thermal properties in both coating applications and laser-induced graphitization

Project activities

  1. Literature survey
  2. Study the impact of heat treatment on the properties of lignin, especially thermal stability, and volatiles
  3. Study the impact of solvent extraction on the thermal properties and volatile content of lignin
  4. Producing lignin nano/micro particles and characterization of these particles regarding coating application
  5. Writing final report

Student profile
Master student in chemical engineering, polymer technology, or material science.

Location and start date
RISE Bioeconomy is located at Drottning Kristinas Väg 61, Stockholm. Master thesis starts in January 2023.

Supervisory team at RISE
Main supervisor: Omid Hosseinaei, +46 76 876 7228
Co-supervisors: Michael Reid

Applications should include (1) a brief personal letter, (2) a CV, and (3) a recent grade transcript. Candidates are encouraged to send in their application as soon as possible, but at the latest by 21 December, 2023. Suitable applicants will be interviewed as applications are received.

Key words:
Master Thesis, RISE, Stockholm, RISE Bioeconomy

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