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Master thesis: modelling of gas explosions for mobility solutions

Do you want to work with modelling of gas explosions for sustainable mobility solutions? Then come and apply for this master thesis!

Thesis subject/Assignment
This master thesis is a collaboration work between Chalmers and RISE. The deep discrepancy between the increasing energy consumption and the global goals for a sustainable development poses a huge challenge to all countries. Although Sweden is one of the countries who have a substantially higher share of renewable energy in the total energy usage, the challenge is still huge, especially in the transportation sector. Promising mobility solutions including gas and electric driven vehicles with energy sources from renewable ones, such as biomass, water, sun and wind are increasing exponentially in Sweden.

At the same time safety issues regarding the renewable gas and electric driven vehicles are of deep concern. For example, gas explosion risks are associated with gas vehicles due to gas leakage as warned by a recent gas bus explosion in Klaratunneln in Stockholm on March 10th, 2019. Moreover, gas explosion risks are also related to flammable gas release during the thermal runaway process of the Lithium-ion battery systems in vehicle, ships and Energy Storage System. Traditional routines and guidelines for extinguishing fires of gasoline- and diesel-driven vehicles are not applicable due to the knowledge gaps in evaluating gas explosion risks. Therefore, there is an urgent need for a well verified and validated numerical model and tool for evaluating gas explosion risks and consequences for scenarios involving gas vehicles and battery systems.

Project idea
The project idea is (i) to simulate gas explosions for large-scale methane and hydrogen flames using an open source code OpenFOAM, (ii) to evaluate the results by comparing simulations with experiments performed at a research centre of a US insurance company FM Global and (iii) to identify the most critical model parameters using data science tool and method.

Student profile
Suitable background is students in master program of Mechanics, Physics, Mathematics or relevant. Great interest in programming, modelling within the framework of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), data science and safety is important. Other experience in C++, OpenFOAM, CFD modelling, data science tool (e.g. R, Python, KNIME), git (version control), Linux are preferable. 

Administrative information

  • Suitable number of students: 1-2.
  • Number of credits: 30 points per student.
  • Time plan: starting in January 2021 and finishing in June 2021 with approximately 20 weeks.
  • Physical location: mainly at RISE in Göteborg and some visits to the fire lab at RISE in Borås.

Welcome with your application!
Interested? Send in your application (CV and motivation letter) no later than 2020-12-31. If you would like to know more, please contact support team for students:

  • Examiner: Håkan Nilsson, +46 31 772 1414
  • Academic supervisor: Andrei Lipatnikov, +46 31 772 1386
  • Industry supervisor at RISE: Chen Huang, +46 10 512 5270


Master thesis, RISE, sustainable, mobility solutions, gas explosions, Gothenburg, Borås

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Göteborg, Borås


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Student - examensarbete/praktik


Chen Huang
+46 10 512 5270



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