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Master thesis: Formulation of poorly soluble antibiotics

Are you interested in finding solutions to the increasing problem with antibiotic resistance and want to learn techniques to formulate poorly soluble drugs? Would you like to work in an innovative-driven environment with experts in formulations for pharmaceuticals, foods, cosmetics and cleaning? We are now seeking a Master student with an interest in drug formulation to explore methods for formulating poorly soluble antibiotics.  

The increasing spread of antibiotic resistance among bacteria are threatening our health care system, and common infections are getting harder to treat with commercially available antibiotics. It is a race against time trying to develop new antibiotics faster than antibiotic resistance spread. Unfortunately, it is hard to find new types of antibiotics and new antibiotics that reach the market need to be used with caution to minimize the risk for antibiotic resistance. Due to this many pharmaceutical companies choose not to invest in new antibiotics. This has encouraged researcher and pharmaceutical companies to reformulate commercially available antibiotics to improve its efficiency and lower the toxicity.

The goal of the project is to evaluate if innovative formulation methods can increase the usage of commercially available antibiotics. The work will include a short literature study to identify promising formulation approaches, laboratory formulation work, as well as learning techniques used for characterization and determining drug solubility.

For this diploma work, the student should be enrolled in a master program in pharmacy, biotechnology/chemical engineering or similar, and have background knowledge on drug formulation.

Project period: Autumn 2020, 30 hp.
Placement: Södertälje, Forskargatan

For questions and more information, please contact Sofie Alvér +46 10 516 65.  Last day for application is 31 July 2020. Interviews with candidates will be conducted continuously, and decision of acceptance can be made at any point.

Master thesis, formulation, antibiotics, RISE, Södertälje

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Sofie Alvér
+46 10 516 65



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