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Master Thesis: Continuous Edge Computing Service Delivery in Wireless Network Mobility Scenarios

Edge Computing offers a promising opportunity for service providers to, among other things, extend their offerings with services that depend on compute off-loading. This type of service would make powerful compute resources on the network edge available to resource restrained clients, enabling them to use more sophisticated applications.

Cellular networks deliver seamless mobility for basic services such as voice and data. This project is focused on the challenges involved in supporting similar mobility for Edge Computing based services. The goal is to implement and demonstrate mobility for a compute off-loading application. This will include research into and experimentation withing multiple technical areas such as predicting end-user movements, identifying and selecting the next optimal Edge Computing node, preparing for and executing state transfer, service continuity.

The work will be done with the ICE Edge Compute platform (services running on Kubernetes) as the target platform and with the ambition to demonstrate a complex, real-world application. The network may be emulated or lab based depending on availability of time.  A target to go for could be a networked drone using an Edge AI application, moving between access points while continuous service is delivered.


Scope: 30hp, 1 semester full time

Start date January 2022 (flexible)

Location: Luleå

Compensation: A scholarship of 30,000 SEK (1,000 SEK per hp) is granted upon approval of the final report

This project will require a range of skills related to cloud/edge services, networking and programming.  Familiarity with Linux, scripting and Kubernetes will be valuable. The project also contains challenges related to algorithms and methods for predictions involved in state migration. As with any thesis project, a scientific approach will be essential.

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For questions and further information regarding this project opportunity, reach out to recruiting manager Emil Svanberg, +46 10 228 46 28.

Applications will be submitted via We like students where you can also find other interesting opportunities.

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Emil Svanberg
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