Webinar on "Innovative technologies for biomethane production in small and medium scale applications"

ons 21 februari (Hela dagen)

Webinar 2018-02-21 | 01.00 - 05.00 pm CET

This webinar will present and discuss some very promising technology solutions along the biomethane supply chain with focus on digestion and gas upgrading for small to medium scale applications with the aim of using the biomethane as transport fuel or for feed-in to the gas grid.

To bridge the gap between research and market, the ambition of the webinar is to bring investors together with stakeholders from research and industry. On the other it will connect possible end users with the technology providers. The presenters will show possible next steps towards market introduction of their anaerobic digestion and biogas upgrading technologies. The further development of these technologies will contribute to an efficient biomethane production at small and medium scale.

Moderator: RISE Research Institute of Sweden

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