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FINEST - Our research

FINEST research is based on food technology issues where there are identified knowledge gaps of importance for the industry's innovation capacity.

Innovation that makes a difference for the food chain

FINEST does not only focus on enabling innovations in the food system. We also focus on understanding how the system works and how the system's actors can work together to reach the consumer faster and more efficiently with climate-smart, good and healthy food products.

After four years, FINEST have contributed to:

  • Knowledge: The understanding of change and innovation processes in the food chain has increased
  • Tools: Simple operational tools for evaluating sustainability aspects have been developed
  • Swedish forest berries: The Norrland berry industry has developed and that Swedish berries are used in healthy and good foods.
  • Swedish legumes: The production of Swedish legumes that can supplement traditional animal products has increased and that dairy substitutes and meat substitutes with proteins from Swedish legumes have been developed.
  • Experimental food production: Completely new ways of producing food that reduce dependence on arable land have been developed.



A sustainable transition of the food system

By creating a system-based understanding of how the food system, primarily in relation to the three value chains within FINEST, has developed and what development paths are ahead, the work package aims to contribute to achieving a…

Innovation of the Swedish food system

FINEST is a four-year center initiative that will contribute to the development and innovation of the Swedish food system. In this work package, knowledge about innovation in the food sector is developed together with the actors.

Healthy and Sustainable food

How can the future food chain be optimized from a nutritional and environmentally sustainable perspective? Which sustainability indicators will be needed to better support and accelerate sustainable innovations in the food chain?…

FINEST System Innovations Lab - For a sustainable system transformation

FINEST System Innovations Lab will provide a stable platform for long-term experiments, where actors together try to explore and find solutions to our most important challenges through new ways of thinking and organizing.

Swedish berries in healthy food

One of FINEST goals is contributing to development of the North Swedish berry industry and promote increased use of berries in healthy and tasty foods. We will, among other things, develop new berry refining processes. The purpose…

Swedish legumes for protein-rich plant-based food

FINEST works, from a climate and health perspective, to increase the production of Swedish legumes that can replace traditional animal products as well as dairy substitutes and meat substitutes with proteins from Swedish legumes.

Un-conventional food value chains, A power-to-food concept

FINEST develops new food concepts as part of reducing the climate system's climate impact.
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Storsatsning på hållbart livsmedelssystem

Nu etableras fyra nya centrum för hållbarhet och konkurrenskraft i livsmedelssystemet. RISE medverkar i samtliga. Forskningsrådet Formas mångmiljonsatsning innebär att svenskt primärproduktion och livsmedelsindustri kan ta en leda…