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Master thesis with the aim to improve transport packages

The transportation of goods is becoming an increasingly important part of today's society and a particularly important part when it comes to achieving EU’s climate goals. It is important that the transports take place in an optimal and robust way, and that is where packaging plays an important role. The framework for optimization is minimize the material in the packaging, while still ensuring that the goods are intact when they arrive. RISE has extensive experience in developing and improving many types of packaging. At the turn of the year, RISE will start a new research program on corrugated cardboard packaging that will run for 4 years.

Corrugated cardboard boxes often break due to cracks that grow during transport. The cracks usually occur during handling, such as when repacking the goods. It’s a high probability that some of all boxes are dropped or overloaded, causing crack initiation. There is a great risk that these cracks will grow during subsequent transports and cause the entire box to collapse. If a box collapses, it can have great consequences on the remaining boxes since the load-bearing structure then changes.

The idea of this work is to investigate these cracks, mainly numerically. What cracks grow during transport and how can they be classified? This knowledge will then pave the way for future research on how the cartons should be improved. The degree project will thus be a starting point for finding out which cracks will come into focus in future projects within the research program.

Regarding the thesis
Right now we are looking for a student who wants to complete their degree project in the spring of 2021.

The assignment consists of developing an existing FEM model for vibration testing of a corrugated board. The current model describes an ideal box. The first step in the work will thus be to include cracks in the model to investigate how they affect the stress fields and the load-bearing capacity of the box. This will form the foundation for the development of a classification system for the cracks. Which are likely to grow during transport and how critical are they? The goal is to develop a method for classifying cracks. If there is time, it is desirable that the predictions are evaluated against experiments.

Our office is in Kista, and this is where the test rig is located. As a large part of the work is about simulations and given the current situation with Covid 19, the work can largely be performed remotely. The model is built in LS-Dyna. The simulations take place in two steps. First, the eigen-modes are evaluated. These are then super positioned to get the response of the box to different vibrations.

Who are you?
You as an applicant should be driven and like to take your own initiatives. You should be someone with an ongoing education at master's level in solid mechanics with good knowledge of FEM-simulations. Knowledge of dynamics in solid mechanics as well as LS-Dyna and LS-PrePost is a plus.

About our unit
The Packaging Materials and Packaging Performance units focus on improving the environment by optimizing fibre packaging. We have extensive experience of analyses of fibre-based materials. For the evaluation of packaging, we have previously relied heavily on experiments, but for some time now we have seen an increased need for numerical analyses as well. Therefore, we now aim to develop our simulation capacity so that it matches our high experimental competence.


  • Johan Alfthan, senior researcher
  • Carl-Magnus Everitt, researcher

Welcome with your application!
If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact Carl-Magnus Everitt, +46 10 228 43 55. The last application date is 2020-12-01, but do not wait to apply, expressions of interest are processed on an ongoing basis.

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Temporary position 3-6 months

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Student - Master Thesis/Internship

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Carl-Magnus Everitt
+46 10 228 43 55

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