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Imaging/Diffraction specialist

We are expanding our team of photon and neutron expert team with an experienced Imaging/Diffraction specialist with a keen interest in applied interdisciplinary research.

We offer world leading applied research, development and innovation services to strengthen industrial competitiveness and promote a sustainable society.

Our clients and partners range from large international companies down to small enterprises, universities and other research organizations. An important part of our mission is to strengthen the innovation system by facilitating access to the cutting-edge research tools needed to address todays industrial and societal research challenges. In this context, we are looking to strengthen our photon and neutron competence to better exploit the opportunities provided by large scale research facilities, such as the MAX IV synchrotron and the European Spallation Source (ESS).  

About the role
You will be based in Mölndal or Lund and your primary focus will be to assist industry in utilizing large scale research facilities, especially in the areas of Imaging/Diffraction of hard/metallic materials. Your position will be placed at the RISE division for Materials and Production, located in Mölndal.

You will assist industry in translating their needs and challenges to illuminating experiments at large scale research facilities, most often combined with in house experiments and other techniques available at RISE or our partners.

You will also support building RISE internal competence in utilizing these techniques, work closely with staff at the facilities to develop new methods and sample environments and create a network of national and international experts/collaborators to secure that we stay at the forefront of Science.

You will work in both academic and industrial projects dealing with project scoping, experimental design, execution of experiments at facilities or lab-based instruments, data evaluation and data visualization/interpretation. The majority of these projects will be executed in close collaboration with researchers at RISE and our partners in industry and academia.

You will lead projects and apply for grants to strengthen the RISE competence in Imaging, Diffraction and data visualization.

Who are you?
You have a PhD within physics/materials science and important skills include:

  • A solid understanding of synchrotron- and neutron-based methods, particularly imaging and diffraction, is a prerequisite, ideally from working at a synchrotron.
  • Experience of advanced data analysis and visualization of multidimensional (3D-4D) datasets.
  • Previous involvement in multidisciplinary research projects.
  • Knowledge about structural and functional studies of hard matter / materials.
  • A true problem-solving mind-set and enjoyment of tackling industrial relevant problems.
  • Good communication skills; orally in English and Swedish and English in writing. An ability to place and present the results in the perspective of the industrial partner and to compare your data with that from other techniques.

Are we right for each other?
We cannot promise you an easy task, but we can promise you dedicated colleagues and some truly engaging societal challenges to tackle. You will get to work in a dynamic environment offering professional and personal development opportunities. At RISE, we want you to succeed and feel good, because together with your colleagues you contribute to a sustainable future and to securing a leading position for Swedish industry and research globally. RISE can give you the chance to make a real difference. Welcome to Sweden’s Research Institute and Innovation Partner.

Would you like to learn more?
The closing date for applications is 22nd of January 2021. If you want to know more about the position you’re welcome to contact Eva Troell, Director Heat Treatment and Surface Technology. +46 10 228 48 31. Regarding the technical content of the work: Tomas Lundqvist, Senior Area Coordinator Large Scale Research Infrastructures at RISE, +46 10 516 54 28. Due to the Christmas holidays, we will not be available for your calls and questions until after 6th of January 2021. Interviews will be conducted throughout the application period.

Our union representatives are Melina da Silva, Sveriges Ingenjörer, +46 10-2284696 and Johan Åkerman, Unionen, +46 10-2284731.

Calls from external recruitment companies and sales persons are kindly declined as we rule under the Public Procurement Act.

Specialist, research, innovation, sustainable, materials, imaging, diffraction, Mölndal, Lund, RISE

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Mölndal or Lund

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Permanent position

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Development - e.g. Engineers/Technicians/Chemists

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Eva Troell
+46 10 228 48 31

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