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We like students

Here you are, on the starting blocks of an exciting career. Right now you are studying for one of the year’s most important exams. Within a couple of years, your prize awaits you; a degree in engineering, IT or perhaps microbiology. You are a student – and here at RISE, we like you and see a future for you with us.

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We have compiled a number of FAQs about how we work to attract talented individuals like yourself to our organisation. Be seeing you!

I am a student and I’ve heard the name RISE several times but what do you actually do?

RISE is short for Research Institutes of Sweden and we are a state-owned limited company. RISE is a merger of the previous research institutes SP, Swedish ICT and Innventia. Among other things, RISE is tasked with conducting and encouraging research and development projects that promote Swedish trade and industry and a sustainable society.

What can I work on at RISE?

We work with technology, digitalisation, sustainability and problem solving in order to identify new solutions that contribute to a sustainable future.  At RISE, you can work as an engineer, researcher, project manager or in many other roles. Because our organisation has such a broad base, in principle our employees are drawn from all engineering study programmes, although we also require expertise in other areas, such as behavioural sciences, design, urban planning and economics where people and technology need to work together.

As a student, why should I apply to RISE now?

We are growing and are on the lookout for new talent. As a student, you are very much of interest to us. We see you as being a creative, inquisitive individual who, once you have graduated, will be able to offer a wealth of interesting perspectives.  You can therefore register in our Talent Network [link] now to subscribe to vacant degree project places and jobs that may suit your profile. Remember that you will also find us at the International Science Festival in Gothenburg and Tekniksprånget, while those who are studying at a higher education institution can also meet us at the RISE Student Tour:

Autumn term 2018

  • Uppsala – Utnarm, 7 november
  • Lund – Arkad, 13-14 november
  • KTH – Armada, 19-20 november
  • Chalmers – Varm, 26 november 

Spring term 2019

  • Luleå – Larv, 22 januari
  • Borås – Stark, 29-30 januari
  • Chalmers – Charm, 4-5 februari
  • Linköping – Larm, 11 februari
  • KTH – BKW, 18 feb

OK! But I still have a few years of study ahead of me. Meanwhile, do you have summer jobs or internships available?

We have a reduced level of activity during the summer, meaning that we have a limited need for summer staff and interns. You can find details of those summer jobs that we do have on our website.

Is it possible to undertake a degree project with you?

But of course! We invest a great deal in thesis work. Often we advertise thesis/degree projects on our job portals but you may also submit an application of interest. Or you can contact us directly

Back to the future. What do you feel is important when employing someone?

If you enjoy problem-solving and have an interest in working with cutting-edge technology and research, you will thrive at RISE. We also feel that it is important that you enjoy collaboration on a range of different projects.