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Testbed for sustainable composite production

Today, the composite industry in Sweden is generally characterised by flexibility and low volumes for, for e.g. aviation and marine industries. If more industries, such as the automotive industry, shall be able to take the next step and develop composite components, there is a need for new knowledge and production investments of fiber composites.

Introduction to the test bed

Start the film with the play-button in the picture. First testbed in Sweden for development of sustainable composits and manufacturing.

The test bed for sustainable composite manufacturing provides the opportunity to develop and verify manufacturing in an industrial and automated environment. It includes the entire chain, from raw materials to fiber winding, SMC / prepreg (investment is planed), pressing and forming, trimming and quality control. The testbed also provides valuable input and data for a simulation-driven design process, which is the key to implementing sustainable composites in the industry.

    Testbed prcess stages

    Here are some examples of what we can help you with:

    • Materials, product and process development
    • Sustainability- and LCA analysis
    • Calculations and simulations
    • Development and testing and verification of tools
    • Development of automation equipment
    • Sample test
    • Prototype production

    Welcome to contact us for more information and discussions on how we can help you!


    Testbed name

    Testbed for sustainable composite production



    Testbed category

    Laboratory testbeds (LT)


    Manufacturing, Materials


    Lightweight solutions, Material transition, Production and manufacturing

    Strategic innovation program



    Region Norrbotten

    David Engberg

    Contact person

    David Engberg


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