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Transparent materials

The testbed is unique in Scandinavia as it is the only site that provides possibilities to test and develop transparent solutions.

  • The establishment field ranges from glass colours, filteringspecific wavelengths, containers, mineral wool , strong and thin glasses for solar applications, biological glasses used as replacement parts in the human body to optical fibres
  • Transparent intelligence is a growing field. It is glass with added functionalities, sometimes called transparent intelligence. Why not add a touch functionality and create an interactive glass? Or laminate cheap organic solar cells with a cover glass to increase the life time? Another examples is printed electronics on glass and thus adding all kinds of unknown possibilities. We show new possibilities by making prototypes.
  • Long experience, equipment and a large international network is our strength. We have more than 70 years of experience  working with characterisation and development of glass which we have broadened to also include other transparent materials.


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Laboratory testbeds (LT)




Material transition


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