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FENIX - pilot park for pulp, paper and paperboard developement

FENIX is the name of RISE’s pilot parks consisting of test beds with a focus on the needs of today as well as the opportunities of tomorrow within the pulp, paper and packaging industry.

At FENIX, industry and academia can test and explore both new and traditional pulp, paper and packaging materials but also additional bio-based alternatives.

Our full-scale pilots enable upscaling of many fibre-based materials, including the possibility of studying process development, making it possible to quickly validate the potential of new ideas and innovations.

Since development is a step by step process, we can offer testing opportunities along the entire chain, reducing the threshold for implementation and development.

Our facilities and equipment include:

Hand sheets ISO 5269-1, Rapid Köthen hand sheets ISO 5269-2, ISO 5269-3

Dynamique sheet former - grammage: 20 - 280 g/m2

XPM - amount of pulp: 1,8 - 8 kg. grammage 15 – 250 g/m2

Stratex - amount of pulp: 1 - 50 kg, grammage: 10 – 300 g/m2

FEX - amount of pulp 50 kg – 10 tons, grammage: 30 - 380 g/m2

RISE also offers additional expertise within several related areas, from chipping, pulping and packaging tests to virtual labs and simulation.


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Laboratory testbeds (LT)


Materials, Process industry, Pulp, paper and packaging, Other


Bioeconomy, Circular transition, Packaging, Chemical processes and products, Pulp and paper, Production and manufacturing, Testing, Water

Tomas Anderson

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Tomas Anderson

Försäljningschef Massa,Papper & Förpackningar

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Lars Sundvall

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Lars Sundvall

Gruppchef Processteknik

+46 70 526 52 21

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