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Screening for migration from food contact material

Food contact safety is an issue of very high concern for all kinds of materials and products. Our core activity in this area is analysis of materials intended for food contact (FCM).


We offer testing in compliance with regulations or requirements (e.g. EU Commission Regulation 10/2011, national regulations such as BfR XXXVI, FDA or industry guidelines).

When the composition (recipe) of the material or sample is unknown, the screening analysis gives information about the migrating components. It is also a good tool for detection of non-intentionally added substances (NIAS).


The material or product is exposed to a food simulant, MPPO (Tenax®), ethanol or acetic acid, at relevant conditions. The migrating compounds are analysed by GC/MS.


The results are compiled in an analytical report.


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Screening for migration of substances from food contact material at 10 ppb level

Innovation area

Product safety, Chemical processes and products


Price on tender

Delivery time

2-4 weeks depending on experimental conditions.


No preparation needed