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Paperbase - information database on value chains

Paperbase strengthens research and innovation for the sustainable use of forest resources. With its unique collection of references to literature adapted to the needs of the forest industry and related industries, Paperbase offers a simple and quick information search.


Paperbase is an industry-specific, international database for the forest industry's value chains, such as pulp and paper, packaging, printing surfaces, biorefinery and bio-based materials. With the help of the search service you can easily and quickly find the information you need, for example about the latest research findings, or about current technology and company information. Paperbase is a valuable source for new insights on the pulp and paper industry's transition to a bio-based economy.

Paperbase helps you, for example, to:

• keep abreast of technical developments in your area
• find solutions to problems in production and processes, as described in the literature
• create added value through your reading and thereby strengthening your skills
• avoid "reinventing the wheel" in the company's research and development work
• keep track of what is written about competitors and suppliers


• Paperbase contains technical and scientific information, business and market information since 1995 (1975)
• Over 280,000 references with summaries and an increasing number of links to the publishers' full texts
• Global monitoring of the contents of handbooks, reference works, journal articles, conference proceedings, market and research reports, as well as academic works
• The database is updated weekly
• Approximately 7,000 new references are added annually
• Annual subscription and monitoring profiles


Paperbase is a subscription-based service that you reach either through personal login or through IP authentication. The database contains references to literature and, increasingly, links to the publishers' full texts. Full-text documents can be ordered from the Troëdsson library.

You can also subscribe only to an alerting service of specific subject areas. These alerts are delivered weekly via e-mail as a list of abstracts and links to the publishers' full texts.

If you want to order full-text documents of references that you have obtained when searching in Paperbase, you can easily use the shopping basket that is in the system. The orders go directly to the Troëdsson library which delivers photocopies or in some cases full text in pdf.

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Paperbase International - a resource for technical and research information about the forest industry's value chains

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Pulp and paper, Material transition, Textile, Wood technology, Bioeconomy, Fossil free fuels


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    from EUR 4,100
  • Multiple sites - price on tender
  • Alerting service
    from EUR 950
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