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Outdoor Noise Directive 2000/14/EC

The outdoor noise directive (OND) sets marking requirements regarding guaranteed noise levels for a large number of types of machinery and other equipment. The OND requirements are included in the CE marking conditions and involve the assessment of a notified body, of equipment where the directive also sets an upper noise limit.


The RISE SMP expertise is based on the many years of experience as an accredited test lab for noise. Since 2000, we have also been notified bodies for the Outdoor Noise Directive and the assessment services included in the Annexes VI and VII, both of which relate to products with a noise limit.

Manufactures who produce equipment listed in the Outdoor Noise Directive are obliged to investigate the noise limit emitted mark with "guaranteed noise level", i.e. a noise level that will not be exceeded by later manufactured units in the same series. In addition, if the equipment has a limit value set in the directive, a notified body must be hired to review and approve the supporting documentation for the labeling.


The service includes RISE SMP commitment to review and approve the documentation on noise labeling. What the dossier shall contain is stated in the OND Annexes VI and VII.


The RISE SMP issues a certificate when the dossier can be approved. In addition, Annex VI, which sets out the conditions for serial manufactured equipment, includes follow-ups that later manufactured units also fulfill the documentation and information contained in the certificate. The results of the follow-up are summarized in a report. Annex VII sets out conditions for individual approval on equipment not produced in series.


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Notified Body Assessment according to the Outdoor Noise Directive (OND), 2000/14/EC.


Acoustic measurement equipment

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Sound and vibrations


CE Marking / Notified Body

Innovation area


Field measures



EN 3744:2010, ISO 11094, ISO 6395, ISO 6396


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Produce technical specification and test reports according to the requirements of the Outdoor Noise Directive Annex VI or VII.

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