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Member Research Consortia in corrosion

RISE has a dozen Member Research Consortia, MRC, within the corrosion area where we bring together different actors with common interests. Through our MRCs, we lay the foundation for good relations and cooperation with the industrial sector and other stakeholders in the field of corrosion.


By gathering different players with interests in the same research area, we are able to find efficient solutions to joint challenges. Many of RISE research projects in corrosion are initiated by our member companies, which also have the opportunity to participate in the projects.

Today, RISE MRC in corrosion engage more than 150 companies, large and small, from diffrent sectors, industries and countries.  

Collaboration in any of our MRCs means increased possibilities, expanded networks and acess to the recent updates on knowledge and know-how in corrosion. 

Read more about our MRCs and what they can offer at each network site.


Member programs, where different actors interested in the same research area can find efficient solutions to joint challenges


See each member program for information about benefits for members.


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MRC Corrosion

Innovation area

Corrosion, Material transition, Surface technology

Field measurements



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Olivier Rod

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Olivier Rod


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