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Measurement of impact toughness of polymers and rubber materials

The Charpy-V method tests the impact strength of a material by dropping a pendulum on a test rod of the material. It is also possible to determine whether the fracture was brittle or ductile by examining the fracture surface. 


The impact toughness of a material describes how well the material can withstand a hastily imposed load or stroke. This can be dependent on many different things, such as for example temperature.

For applications where the material will be exposed to sudden loads, it is important to know the material's impact toughness.


The impact toughness is measured by means of a Charpy-V,  Alpha, type 30 M 401, S No. 10475. (The machine is calibrated at 22 ° C.)


After successful testing, the customer provides the result in the form of a report or other document.


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Measurement of impact toughness of polymers and rubber materials

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Material transition


ISO 148


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Delivery time

The test can be carried out as soon as the samples have arrived to the lab, results are given within a maximum of two weeks, depending on the amount of samples.


We can manufacture sample rods of materials received, the size of the material received must be at least 100mm long for testing to be carried out.

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