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ISTA Boxing

The laboratory at RISE Packaging Science Centre is certified by ISTA and is one of the most well equipped and advanced laboratories in all of Scandinavia. We specialize in simulating various transport conditions according to international standards to ensure that your packaging protects the product all the way through its distribution cycle.


Test method that certifies packaging that is used for distribution in Amazon e-commerce. The test verifies that the packaging can withstand all the demands during its distribution cycle within the Amazon e-commerce distribution chain.

Obtaining a certificate of clearance from Amazon for your packaging.


A complete transport test simulates the entire distribution cycle from the manufacturer to the end user and various standard tests can be carried out to simulate parts or whole of the transport cycle. Depending on the weight and dimensions of your packaging, the following tests are of relevance

Climate conditioning

Drop test

Vibration tests with and without top loads

Integrity test (Leakage)


Test results that can be used for obtaining clearance certificate from


Please feel free to contact us at to discuss about which standard test methods suit your packaging/transport cycle the best.



Transport testing according to ISTA Boxing.

Innovation area

Bioeconomy, Packaging, Mobility services

Delivery level



ASTM D4169-16, ETSI EN 300 019-2-2, Innventia Standard STD 40-10, ISTA.


Price on tender

Delivery time

The tests take about 2 – 4 weeks to perform depending on chosen test methods and number of boxes to be tested.


No preparation needed

Contact person

Elina Daleflod


+46 10 228 45 59

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Roger Källberg

Contact person

Roger Källberg


+46 10 516 51 75

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