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Fire test of bedding items according to SS-EN ISO 12952

Fires can be caused by, for example, bed linens that catch fire through bed smoking. The flammability of bedding products is an important feature to consider when evaluating fire risks. The test is carried out where either a glowing cigarette or a match-like flame equivalent is used as a source of ignition. These two methods are useful for evaluating flammability for pillows, duvets, blankets, sheets, pillowcases, thin bed mattresses etc.


The method aims to evaluate the flammability of bedding products.

The ability of bedding products to be easy ignited provides a basis for assessing its suitability for use in certain environments. Different requirements may apply in different types of environments. In hospital environments, for example, there are more stringent requirements if the product will be used in high-risk environments than if it will be used in normal-risk environments.


The method SS-EN ISO ISO 12952-1 is carried out by placing glowing cigarettes on, under and or between textile layers on the product. The cigarettes will burn out their full length and the sample material is evaluated based on whether or not ignition occurs. The test is performed after the test material has been washed 5 times.

The SS-EN ISO 12952-2 method is performed by placing a match flame equivalent on the product for 15 seconds. The test material is evaluated on the basis of if ignited or not. The test is performed after the test material has been washed 5 times.


One report in Swedish or English containing the test results.


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Assessment of the ignitability of bedding items according to SS-EN ISO 12952-1 and SS-EN ISO 12952-2

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SS-EN ISO 12952-1

SS-EN ISO 12952-2


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Pretreatment, washing according to SS-EN ISO 6330.

Material needed for testing. 1 product per method.

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