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Climatic Environmental Durability

In our advanced climatic test lab, we can perform all types of environmental tests, for example temperature chock, moisture, temperature cycling, submersion, splash water test. We offer accredited testing for a large number of standards (IEC, ISO, MIL, ETSI etc).


The simplest of our climate simulations are pure temperature cycles which may be sufficient to prove any level of climate.

We can also include and control air humidity. In most cases humidity control is mandatory to achieve, for example, the specified condensation. High air humidity can create catastrophic consequences for polymers and lead to warping or delamination of foils.

RISE climate chambers can generate temperatures from -70 ℃ to +180 ℃ with a controlled humidity between 10 % and 98 %. Each chamber can be programmed with individual temperature- and humidity profiles and monitored to simulate a wide array of natural and artificial weather.

Examples of further tests we perform are sun simulation and UV-exposure, salt fog, IP rating, chemical exposure and mildew.

We help our clients to increase the durability and reliability of their products through customized climate tests and test scenarios.


The tests are performed in climate equipment in our labs. We can also provide temperature tests combined with vibration tests. From time to time we also tailor test methods to the individual needs of the customer. By close collaboration with our internal suppliers of, for example fixtures and workshop services, we solve most issues quickly on site.


During a test, results are often communicated on an ongoing basis. Sometimes customers participate in the trials themselves. After a completed test, the results are usually summarized in a technical report. Most of the reports we issue are accredited. The report can, for example provide the basis for further CE marking.


Contact us to discuss how we can help you. You find the contact information at the bottom of the page.



Climatic Environmental Durabilitytesting, heat, cold, humidity and water effects.

Metrology Area

Electricity, Humidity, Temperature

Innovation area

Automated vehicles, Fire safety, Construction, Electromobility, Electronics, Packaging, Climate adaptation, Maritime, Mobility services

Delivery level



IEC 60068-2, entire series

ISO 16750, entire series


Lloyds Register



ETSI EN 300 019-1

ETSI EN 300 019-2

Bureau Veritas

EN 50155

EN 61373

EN 81-50


We also perform tests other than the above listed methods, both with and without accreditation.


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