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Calibration of flow measurement in field (The National Laboratory)

The National Laboratory for Volume and Flow offers calibration of flow measurement in field


The national laboratories are responsible for maintaining the national reference standards for each measurement quantity and  spreading metrological competens and traceability to industry and society at large. The national reference standards are the highest level of traceability in Sweden. 

A calibration performed at a national laboratory fullfils all typical traceability and accreditation requirements that commonly exist in industry and society at large. 


Sometimes best results are achieved if you can calibrate on site at customers as you do not need to move the meter or container from its regular location. The calibration can then take into account sources of error as, such as installation, flow profile, signal processing and peripherals. Calibration on site at customers also implies that the calibration is carried out with the right fluid and that interruptions in the customer’s production can be completely avoided.

The National Laboratory for Volume and Flow holds a high level of competence, which is required to perform accurate calibrations in the field. For smaller meters, mobile volume normals can be used. For larger meters, master meters or mobile calibration equipment are used, so-called provers that have a measurement uncertainty less than ±0.1%.

Meters for most media can be tested, such as water, gasoline, oil and condensed gas (LPG). Our equipment handle flow rates up to 26,000 liters / minute and with a average temperature up to +120 degrees.

Calibration of two meters in series can be done simultaneously and measurement results can be correlated. In addition, the measuring equipment can be used within a classified area (zone 1) regarding a potentially explosive environment.


The calibration results are reported in a digital calibration certificate in Swedish or English which states that the calibration was performed at a national laboratory.


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Calibration of flow measurement in field (The National Laboratory)


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