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Analysis of solid fuels

Both fossil fuels and biofuels are used for heating. The calorific value of the fuel is therefore an important parameter. The amount of chemical substances in the fuel is also important to clarify, like for environmental reasons. RISE has extensive analysis experience of biofuel, waste, coal, coke, sludge and ashes and more.


Fuels used in power plants and the ash that is formed needs to be analysed in order to determine whether the ash is a usable by-product or waste that must be deposited. The fuels needs to be analysed for tax purposes and emission rights.


RISE characterises solid fuels and ashes according to international standards in regards to:

  • ash content
  • chlorine, bromine, fluoride and iodine
  • sulphur content
  • moisture content
  • calorific value
  • carbon, hydrogen and nitrogen (CHN)
  • trace elements
  • bulk density
  • mechanical durability
  • ash melting behaviour
  • pH

Drying and sample preparation/grinding are carried out if necessary.


After completed testing, a signed test report is delivered.


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Chemical analysis and characterisations of solid fuels, ash and waste

Innovation area

Energy, Chemical and biological analysis, Testing


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Delivery time

Normal delivery time is approximately 5-15 business days from the day when the sample arrived at RISE


The customer is responsible for a representative sampling in a sealed vessel

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