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Algal resistance test

Test of the resistance of different surfaces, materials and products to growth of algae is performed according to ASTM D5589 or based on this method but adapted to the task and application of the commissioner.


The purpose of this service is to help the commissioner in developing different materials and products which are exposed to environments where algae are common. In addition to the algal resistance test, we can help with pretreatment (leaching, ageing etc.), additional evaluation of the material after test, as well as problem solving.

This method can help in evaluating if a product is likely going to get problems with algal growth, if a product or material can resist algal growth compared to a reference material (with or without biocide for example) or compare different materials to understand which one has the best function. Also cleaning products against algae can be tested. The results can be used by the commissioner for continued development of a product, for advertising purposes etc.


The test is performed at the laboratory by spreading a mixture of different microscopic algae on the material or product. During three weeks of cultivation in light and at optimal temperature and relative air humidity conditions, the extent of growth on the test object is evaluated. The growth is compared to a suitable reference object and optically graded according to a standard scale. Sample preparation, pretreatment and ageing of test objects are performed when needed and additional evaluation can be made on material changes due to algal growth.


Results are given as an electronic RISE report. If asked for, a report on paper can be sent. The laboratory is accredited according to ISO 17025.


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Algal resistance – Testing of the algal growth resistance of surfaces

Innovation area

Chemical and biological analysis, Material transition


ASTM D5589 Standard Test Method for Determining the Resistance of Paint Films and Related Coatings to Algal Defacement.

The test is adapted to the commission.


Basic cost 60 000 SEK. Contact any of the persons below for a more detailed price or tender

Delivery time

Delivery time after agreement, normally 8 weeks after written ordering and reception of test objects. The commission may however need to be coordinated with other activities


The commissioner is responsible for preparing the test objects if not otherwise agreed upon

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