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uninterrupted urban development
Photo: Nina Lemon

Visualization tool for building processes and uninterrupted urban development

Although we know that's not the case, we tend to relate to construction projects as a time-limited disturbance.
This is not true, as cities are constantly evolving and especially in view of the ongoing urbanization trend and hence the densification of our cities.

A conflict situation arises during construction regarding the city's infrastructure. Capacity needs increases while accessibility is severely restricted. This occurs because of insufficient overview of the combination of regular traffic loads and building transports as well as inadequate coordination of construction transport between and within projects and between authorities, builders and construction projects.

The purpose of the Uninterrupted City project is to develop knowledge and skills that enable the development of a planning system to visualize the impact of implementation and traffic plans in urban planning.

The aim of the project is to demonstrate the benefits and usefulness of interactive visualization to explore different decision scenarios in urban planning, building traffic planning and building logistics. The construction system developed in the project will combine 3D urban planning models with traffic simulation models that can dynamically calculate traffic flows and real-time data from traffic data (eg audio levels). The system will be a support for municipalities and clients regarding implementation plans and traffic plans. This will increase accessibility in the city and improve the progress of the construction project and make the city attractive to live and work in even during construction.


Project name

Störningsfri stad




Region Östergötland

RISE role in project


Project start


2018 - 2021

Total budget

7.3 miljoner SEK


VTI, Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute, Sveriges byggindustrier, Sankt Kors, Logistikkluster Östergötland, Norrköpings kommun, Linköpings kommun, Uppsala kommun, Stockholm stad, Telenor, Wiklunds Åkeri AB, Wellsec, Trafikverket, Fastighets AB L E Lundberg


Project members

Supports the UN sustainability goals

11. Sustainable cities and communities
Arianit Kurti

Contact person

Arianit Kurti

Senior Researcher


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