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Value-optimised use of Biomass in a flexible energy infrastructure

The project develops new bioenergy concepts for energy systems with a lot of wind and solar energy by developing bioenergy solutions for energy markets with a high degree of flexibility, as well as identifying the costs and development needs of bioenergy concepts in such an energy system.

Aim and goal

The overall objective of the VABIFLEX project is to develop new technologies and concepts that enhance the value of bioenergy resources in an energy system dominated by renewable energy such as wind and solar. The purpose is to understand the role that bioenergy can play for sustainable flexibility in order to maintain stable and reliable energy supply.


Variability of wind and sun is a challenge in transition to a fossil-free energy system. VABIFLEX helps to overcome this by providing both technological development to balance energy production and tools to optimize the system.


VABIFLEX project will develop new bioenergy solutions to serve energy markets with a high need for flexibility as well as test the flexibility of existing bioenergy technology. The project will also identify costs, benefits and development needs for potential bioenergy concepts and accelerating the deployment of flexible bioenergy technologies via market assessments and development of potential business plans.


Variability of wind and solar is known to be a barrier to the shift towards a fossil-free energy system. VABIFLEX will contribute to overcome this barrier by producing both technological development to balance the energy production and knowledge tools to optimise the system (both in planning and operational phases). Additionally, VABIFLEX will support local self-supply of heat and power leading to an increased awareness of sustainable energy supply in the society.


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