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Uniform Instructions for Chain Saws

Included working instructions in chain saw original instructions often have shortcomings, especially for tree felling, limbing and cutting. The risk of accidents could probably be reduced with improved working technique and if recommended personal protection equipment were used. Proposals have been prepared for future revisions of safety standards.

The report is in Swedish.
Complete project title in English: Uniform Working Instructions from Chain Saw Manufacturers could Improve Safety. 

The project was carried out on behalf of the Royal Swedish Academy of Agriculture and Forestry (H112-0037-SLO).

Forestry is still suffering from accidents, and those who work with chain saws are particularly affected. In many of these accidents, the operator is inexperienced and in most cases unaware of the risks. The safety standard EN ISO 11681-1 regulates the design of saws, operating instructions and the need for personal protective equipment.


Project name

Uniform Instructions for Chain Saws



RISE role in project

Project management and executor

Project start


December 2013

Contact person

Stefan Frisk

Tf Enhetschef

+46 10 516 64 74

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